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Raw Food

Wangal/Gadigal Country

The owners of MAD Wholefoods approached hardyhardy to help them create a retail space in a small lease on Lackey Street, Summer Hill to sell fresh wholefoods, unpackaged and plastic free. The relatively new idea of selling “naked”, bulk sourced food presented several interesting hurdles that hardyhardy worked through with the owners of MAD in order to create an efficient and welcoming space.

The tiny space was carefully rationalised into various zones to help create good circulation while accommodating a number of different types of offering requiring different treatments, for instance: custom cabinetry to house drums for customers to dispense local honey and oil from; custom pods for scoop bins; open shelves for gravity bins; a central plinth to help visually ground the space, and; a curtain at the rear of the space to conceal storage and a wash station as well as to soften the space and add warmth.

Clever detailing and a neutral pallet of ply, hemp, black powder coated custom steelwork, and form ply was used to generate a warm and inviting space while meeting the client’s strict budget.

Making A Difference


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