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hardyhardy is a design partnership between Chris and Bernadette Hardy, specialising in interior and product design.


hardyhardy deeply respect people, culture and place and centre these values at the heart of their design practice and processes. 


Bernadette is a Gamilaraay and Darug designer, underpinning all projects is a Country-centred methodology, practiced and shared by Indigenous ancestors and kin.  This practice, interwoven with Chris' modernist approach sees their projects and products break boundaries across government and commercial projects, education, urban, retail and public space design. 


hardyhardy has the advantage of being able to approach each project using an interior and industrial mindset.  This allows the practice to consider large projects at macro, as well as micro perspectives, giving them the ability to support all aspects of a project with attention to detail, down to the trickiest detail. 


Deep listening and empathy positions hardyhardy to problem solve and tailor solutions for the greater good.  They ensure that projects are inclusive of Indigenous participation in their manufacture and supply chain specification.


hardyhardy pride themselves on seamlessly working with project stakeholders, construction and supply partners, never losing sight of the ethics and values that underpin their business.


Drawing from rich cultural heritage, extensive design acumen and connections with local and international knowledge and supply, hardyhardy provide clients with a rare, solutions-focussed empathic service that draws from Country while leveraging contemporary design development.  Construction and manufacturing methods deliver results that matter, placing humanity at the core of their unique design responses.

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