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Flexible Junction

Y is a flexible meeting table system designed to work in all manner of applications. The innovative feature that allows this flexibility is the corner knuckle junction. The material thickness of the rail component is flipped on its side, laminated three times, and machined as a single piece in the form of a very strong “Y”. This technique creates the opportunity for a beautifully blended transition between leg and rail components where traditionally only a hard corner would be more likely.

The “Y” junction can be adapted very easily to form any angle required for different meeting applications such as trapezoidal tables, or completely irregular shapes. Y is also able to be adapted to any size requirements; versions in excess of 7500 x 3200mm have been produced for large conference applications. Y may be adapted to incorporate any customer specified power management system the application requires.

Y is made in Sydney by craftspeople utilising the latest high-tech milling machinery. The version shown is made from timber carefully managed and harvested by the indigenous people of Lama Lama Country.




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